How to make money designing printables

How to make money designing printables

The list below outlines five different ways to make money online by creating printables— designs you create and distribute as digital files instead of as tangible products. If you’ve never sold anything online before, this is a really easy, no-risk way to get started as a small business.

  • Share printables as free downloads. This was the easy way I got started sharing printables on my blog. The more printables I shared, the more web traffic came my way. This has not only connected me to awesome readers from around the world, but has positioned me as an online influencer. Whenever I come across an awesome product or service that I want to share with my audience, it’s likely that the company behind said product/service would be willing to sponsor a blog post, or provide me with an affiliate link, compensating me to spread the word about something that I truly find valuable. This means, I get to keep sharing cool stuff, and readers get to keep reaping the benefits of freebies, which is a win-win-win for all.
  • Sell your designs on online commerce sites. About a year after giving away freebies on my blog, I was sitting on a considerable amount of designs that were just gathering dust on my hard drive. I finally took the leap and opened an Etsy shop, called Enchanted Prints, where I listed all the designs I had already created, for sale as digital downloads. When the same designs that I was giving away for free on my blog, also started selling on Etsy, I was kinda floored. This was a lesson in what my favorite online entrepreneur Pat Flynn, teaches, which is to “be everywhere”. I was now able to serve two different audiences, while reaping the benefits of two different income streams.
  • Convert your designs to products to sell on additional websites.Once I realized that I could sell these designs in other marketplaces, I started dabbling in other sites like Society 6 and Zazzle. The beauty of these sites is that they place your designs on products; tons of products like mugs, notebooks—even pillows, and they take care of the shipping and delivery.

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