The Best Ways That an Artist Can Market Themselves

Every artist needs to know how to market themselves if they are going to be self-employed. Otherwise, you will never be able to generate any sales from your artwork. It doesn’t matter how good it is either. If you are a new business owner/artist, you probably have a lot of questions about how to begin driving traffic to your business and its artwork.

Fortunately, I will explain a list of things that you can do to better market your business and the unique artwork that it sells. If you can reach your target customer base, then there is no telling how much success you will have in your business.

Prepare Your Sales Pitch Ahead of Time

Do not start advertising immediately after creating your business. You need to plan what you are going to write in your ads. This should be a pitch which quickly describes your business and what it does in just a couple of sentences. Clearly explain the value of your artwork and your services if you offer them. People need to understand how your business can help them, whether it is satisfying their interests or demands.

Another great thing about preparing a pitch is so you will know how to answer a customer’s questions about your business. If you can join local events or meetups for artists in your area, then a pitch will make it easier for you to network with other artists and gain more recognition for your artwork.

Social Media Platforms

If you want your creative business to be known to the world, then you need to utilize the advertising power of social media platforms. When you begin integrating your business into social media, you should only choose the platforms which will benefit your business the most. It will be a waste of time if you create profiles on every social media platform available. This could cause you to feel overwhelmed. Review all the platforms available and pick the ones that are appropriate for your business.

Below are some popular social media platforms which are more beneficial to artists like yourself:


If you are any kind of artist like a calligrapher, painter, illustrator, etc., then Instagram is the best social media platform to join. Instead of focusing on text messages, Instagram puts more emphasis on photographs. When members look at their news feed, the photograph of your post will be what they see first. This will give you the chance to post photographs of your beautiful artwork, so people will see it immediately as they’re looking for new posts. Keep the photograph related to your brand too. That way, people will be able to associate the photo with your brand at first glance. Share your post with as many people as possible. Use plenty of good hashtags that match your industry well.


Another visual-based social media platform is Pinterest. This is another way you can display your artwork to the world. Just optimize your images to be Pinterest-friendly and very appealing to the naked eye. Include links in your posts which redirect people to your website. If you have an email subscription box on your website, then your newfound traffic will be able to join your email list. This is the perfect way to stay in touch with your traffic so that you can promote more products to them on a regular basis. The biggest online businesses use email marketing to attract new customers and gain more sales. As an artist, you can do it too.

YouTube & Periscope

The one thing more appealing than images are videos. If you create a video montage which attractively demonstrates the creativeness of your artwork, then people will be interested in your business. All you need to do is record and edit the videos, then upload them to a video sharing website like YouTube. However, some artists are starting to switch to Periscope instead because it allows video live streaming and the ability to interact with your audience in real-time. This creates the perfect opportunity to answer questions and provide feedback immediately on video. On YouTube, you should still post how-to videos and other interesting videos about your artwork. Perhaps you could make a tutorial video where you create a piece of artwork on camera and explain the steps as you’re doing them. Videos like this grab a lot of attention from your target audience. Meanwhile, you can include links to your website or sales page inside the description box of the video.

Other Social Media Platforms

You are probably wondering about Twitter and Facebook since they are the biggest social media platforms in the world. Well, as an artist, you might have trouble reaching your specific target audience on these platforms because they are so huge and competitive. Your best bet would be to join a group on Facebook that is dedicated to artists in your niche. Then you could meet other artists in your industry and learn the ways in which they market themselves. As for Twitter, you can have people follow your profile so that you can instantly update them with news about your business in real-time.

Create a Fabulous Portfolio and Website

Every good artist should have a portfolio of their artwork. It doesn’t matter if you are running your own business or applying for a job in the art industry. You need a collection of work which shows off your skills as an artist. Then you can impress clients who come to your business or employers who you go to for a job interview. If you have a less than satisfying portfolio and website, then clients won’t want to do business with you and employers won’t want to hire you. Always remember to keep your website functional and filled with your visual appealing artwork.

You don’t need to be a web designer to build a good website. You can simply go to a website building service like Squarespace and start building your website with their wonderful premade templates. These templates can be customized within minutes to provide a unique design that your customers will remember. All the web tools and functions that you would expect are in there as well. One helpful tool, in particular, is the analytics program that lets you keep track of all the traffic to your website. It will even tell you the location of your visitors too..

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