25 Stunning Fonts for Wedding Invitations

One thing is for sure when creating your very own wedding invitations, there are no rules! The process itself is fun and creative expression of the bride and groom wishes (mostly the bride ones). But on the other hand, if you are creating an invitation for someone else, you better listen carefully about what the client has to say. After all, you don’t want to end up with an invitation card not even near to your client`s envisioned one. The “key ingredient” to creating the perfect wedding invitation card is about finding the right font. You can easily lose yourself with hundreds and hundreds of fonts available on the internet especially under the pressure of organizing the perfect wedding. That is why we`ve narrowed it down to the best 25 fonts, nevertheless if you want a DIY or custom wedding invitations.

Choosing one font and sticking with it all over your invitations, different wedding stationaries, and programs for the day is a great yet simple way to personalize and add a subtle accent through the chosen font. So yes, it is more important that you might have thought.

• First things first you need to make sure that the font is easily readable and therefore practical for usage. Next thing if you are planning on using bold or italic as an option, you must see for yourself whether they go well together with the font itself. If it`s hard for you to choose, you can try out printing your favorite wedding fonts to make sure they look just as good on paper as they did on your computer. Don’t forget to choose some high-quality paper with nice smooth texture for printing the best “trial” wedding invitations.

• Other than readable the font should match the style of your wedding. The romantic and elegant wedding can`t go without a script or calligraphy font that would look absolutely stunning on your wedding invitations and programs for the day. For a more casual wedding, go out of the borders of the ordinary with choosing some funky styled up fonts playful and cheerful, maybe letters with different height and size.

• When you do choose your wedding font, you can choose a wedding clip art and a wedding monogram as a part of the equation called “The perfect wedding”. They can be easily used and added to wedding programs, at the reception place cards, in the restaurant, other wedding templates, engraved on napkins etc. you can let your imagination run wild and create beyond imaginable decorations.

Choose your favorite font carefully and read the notes on the usage of each of these fonts since they are for personal use only. Responsible usage is a must especially if you are planning on using them for commercial purposes if so, consider paying a reasonable fee.

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